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Let me introduce myself.

   My name is Ashlyn and I’m a Seattle based, ex-rodeo queen turned data analyst with a passion for creating. I’m currently interested in pursuing freelance part-time work as a product or graphic designer.
   I was originally drawn to analytics and data science because it required a person who could walk that fine line between deep technical knowledge and business savviness. At the University of Washington's Information School, I learned how to build SQL databases, write complex machine learning algorithms, and deploy websites to display my findings. In 2017, I graduated with my BS in Information Science with a focus in Data Science and started my career as a data analyst at Tableau Software. From the analytics experts at Tableau, I learned how to tell an impactful story with data visualization. I also mastered my ability to build complicated ETLs and curate efficient data sources. While I was learning how to present analyses to leadership and format emails, I found myself dreaming about an old passion.
   At the UW, I was so focused on grades and internships, I rarely had time to make art. I had even had convinced myself it was a passion I’d outgrown and would never pick up again. However, it snuck back up on me in a way I hadn’t expected; through my data visualizations. Suddenly I wasn’t just making charts with default typography and color palettes, I was creating a unique brand identity for my work. Each set of dashboards had their own styles and nuances, which had me obsessing over container padding and the differences in shades of blue. But my creativity wasn’t restricted to my work, it powerfully overflowed into all aspects of my life. I picked up my pencils, my paintbrushes, my guitar, anything I could to soothe my need to create.
   At the time I had thought analytics was only about technical and business knowledge, but I now understand it’s also about art. And strangely enough, my happy place seems to be right here in the middle of them all.